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Why Kindness is the Most Important Trait in a Managerial Role

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 4, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Management, Leadership, Career AdviceIn a leadership position, following the Golden Rule could go a long way in maintaining good relationships with your employees. Being in charge means you're responsible for training employees, conducting performance reviews, and setting reasonable goals. Of course, this is easier to accomplish if you keep employee morale from slipping, by treating them with kindness and respect. Scientific studies have shown that managers who are considerate towards their employees' well-being, tend to be perceived as more trustworthy when they make decisions that affect the workplace structure.

A Considerate Employer Brings Productivity to the Workplace

People who exhibit altruistic behavior were placed higher in terms of social status. A study by the Personality and Psychology Bulletin demonstrates a direct correlation between participants who chose actions that benefit the group and the number of public contributions they've made. Overall, generous group members were rewarded with more status over those who stuck to decisions that only had a positive effect on themselves.

After all, happy employees were less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses or contract diseases due to prolonged stress. What's also confirmed is that socializing at work has a physiological effect on teams. Positive interactions kept people calm so they have lower blood pressure. Kindness does pay off, as indicated by the productivity boost on workers who have an empathetic boss.

In a study by the University of Michigan, leaders who cultivate kindness are remembered for being fair to all individuals on board when addressing their performance concerns. It strengthens team performance and interpersonal behaviors as well. As a result, positive attitudes spread around, until everyone in the department catches it. Even customers will appreciate the better quality of service.

Kind and Trustworthy Leaders are a Positive Influence on Organizations

Leaders are more effective at coordinating projects when they communicate clearly and don't hesitate to make tough decisions once duty calls. Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to motivate employees without using force or intimidation. Selfless leaders inspire employees to contribute more to group-oriented tasks, thereby building a tight-knit organization.

One final study requested subjects to decide exactly how much money should be distributed to each person in a business setting. Those who received the most money were seen as honest, trustworthy people even without evidence of financial reciprocation. Behavioral economists thus encouraged managers to be transparent with their employees.

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