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Two Ways to Turn Stress Into Productivity

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Stress.jpgIt is easy to get stressed out in today’s fast-paced society. Many things pull at us and demand our time and energy. Unfortunately, stress tends to decrease our productivity which of course leads to more stress. The cycle continues, and it feels almost impossible to break it.

But what if we could use stress to work for us instead of against us? What if there where secrets about how stress could be used to make us more productive instead of less productive?

The truth is that it can. In fact, there are two ways we can turn stress into productivity

  1. Use It as Excitement Instead of Stress. Stress releases a chemical in the brain known as noradrenaline. The beauty, however, is that excitement causes the brain to release the same chemical. In other words, seeing an overdue task on your email and opening a Christmas present have a similar effect on the brain. They both release noradrenaline. The secret is to view the stress you feel as excitement rather than overwhelming stress. The internal dialogue must change. Instead of thinking, I’m so stress out it will take me hours to finish this. Think, I’m so excited I will finish this in no time. Physiologically, your brain doesn’t know the difference. The difference is in how you think about what you are feeling. And changing your mindset will make a world of difference.

  2. View the Stress as a Challenge, Not as an Impenetrable Wall. It’s almost strange to hear the same people who cave under stress say “I will prove you wrong” when someone tells them they cannot do something. For example, when a boss, a teacher, or a coworker tells you “you’re not smart enough to do that.” Some people give up, but most of us have a boldness rise up inside of us that defies the criticism and says, “I will prove you wrong.” However, when stress tells us, “you can’t do this, you’re too stressed out,” many of us believe it. Instead of rising to the challenge, we often see stress as an impenetrable wall that we cannot climb over, under, or even through. What if we applied the same tenacity to prove stress wrong that we apply to prove our critics wrong? Changing our viewpoint from stress being too much to handle to thinking of it as an obstacle to prove wrong will have a lasting impact.

Stress is certainly real and is something we all have to deal with. But it doesn’t have to make you unproductive. Use it as excitement instead of stress and view it as a challenge instead of an impossibility and you will see a drastic improvementy.

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