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Tips on How to Slack Off While Maintaining Productivity

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 10, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Productivity, Career AdviceSome days you go into work, and you're just not feeling up to the task. The morning coffee hasn't picked you up, and as a result, your energy levels are at rock bottom. You want to slack off, but you take pride in your work, and you want to do a good job. So how do you sit back, relax and take off any unnecessary stress that may be on your mind, while also remaining a productive member of society?

Well, here's a few tips for your consideration:

  1. Suggest to work from home. Working in IT or customer service can sometimes afford you this luxury. If the option is available in your company, and you feel you've earned the opportunity, talk with your boss about it. It can even be a totally new position. If you're interested in it, apply! Why not?

  2. Take a break from multi-tasking. In the battle between quality vs quantity, quantity typically ends up winning out. Instead of rushing through everything at once, try directing your focus on one project. You may find that, as a result, you'll become better at finishing faster when you're honed in, making for an easier, more efficient experience.

  3. Collaborate with a friend. If you're working on a project, consider briefly buddying up with someone. It can ease the stress and being around a friend that you feel comfortable with will bring out the best in your abilities, while simultaneously making it feel not so much like a job.

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