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Swimming with the Sharks? Water Physical Therapy for Children

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 25, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, PT, PTA, Allied HealthMany people will never get the opportunity to swim with sharks. Recently, though, several young physical therapy patients in Georgia got the opportunity to swim with whale sharks and other fish in the Georgia Aquarium. While swimming with the shark was a fun experience for the children, the experience was about more than just the stories and pictures they can share with their friends.

Water therapy offers an assortment of benefits for participants.

  1. Water offers support to the joints and muscles, allowing people to move more freely than they can on land. Sometimes, participants are able to walk or otherwise move physically in ways that are difficult or sometimes impossible for the person without the help of the water.

  2. Aquatic therapy can also help with swelling and allow stiff joints to work better. Instead of applying a heating pad to the injured area after your physical therapy treatment, the warm water allows the heat treatment to begin during your session.

  3. The water provides a low-impact workout. This means you can do physical activities in the pool with little or no pain. The low-impact workout also allows you to do the need rehabilitation exercises while reducing your chances of further damaging the injured area.

  4. Water physical therapy also adds variety to a patient's physical therapy routine. Things can begin to become a bit mundane and boring when a physical therapy routine is basically the same day after day. Plus, many of those exercises that are not enjoyable on land often somehow seem more enjoyable in the water.

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