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Social Media & Mental Health -- Quick Fixes for News Feed Anxiety

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Mental Health, Social MediaAnxiety surrounding major events such as the election, activism calls, and natural disasters has always been around, but since the rise in social media, a new mental health struggle has been born -- news feed anxiety. Social Media is a fantastic tool, but it doesn't come without a dark side. So much value is focused on the entertainment and networking aspect that it's easy to forget that we need strategies to keep our mind balanced, positive, and healthy.

Here are some ways to help yourself overcome the news feed anxiety.

  1. Avoid posts that are rants. You're thumbing through your news feed when you stumble upon a post that gets you hot! Your blood is boiling and you must state your opinion on the matter. This is the type of material that messes with your mental health. The person that was posting is just trying to get you to bite and start a war. Instead of giving them want they want and creating anxiety within you, make a pact with yourself to not join in on those types of posts. Only engage in news feed items that are constructive. For example, people stating facts and informing each other instead of bashing.

  2. Find others with similar interests. Match your social interests and needs with others that believe the same way. There is power in numbers, so having support on different topics will help keep you grounded, so the next time you are flipping through your news feed, your anxiety will have an outlet.

  3. Make a change. Take the power away from the anxiety by doing something about it. For example, if you are against that new plastic bag ban, go sign a petition. Feeling like you are doing something about the problem will help relieve your anxiety. This positive difference will also give you a more peaceful outlook on your news feed.

  4. Strike a balance. Although checking your social media accounts can be good, too much flipping through your news feeds is bad. Find a balance in your life by setting limits to how much you are on your accounts. Make time for family, exercise, and hands-on hobbies. Doing these things will keep your anxiety down from obsessing over everything you read.

Finding the right balance for your mental health will keep you successful and productive in other areas of your life. Looking for more ways to improve your life? Visit the Mental Health and Self-Improvement sections of our blog.


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