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Singing Her Own Song -- Girl With Autism Reveals Hidden Talent

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Autism, Behavioral Health, Carly FleishmannAny parent of dealing with autism knows the anguish of watching others judge, and misjudge, their child. Fear, anger, and protectiveness flare in the attempt to keep their loved one from being hurt, even though the autistic child may be unaware of what is going on. Only a mom or dad can know the truly special qualities that a child with Austism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) possesses underneath the outward affect that the rest of the world sees.

That was the case of Carly Fleishmann, a British girl diagnosed at three with severe autism, and whose ability to communicate was minimal due to oral motor apraxia.

Her struggles with language masked a talent her parents never suspected - Carly could sing like an angel.

Carly caught the attention of the producers of Autistic Superstars, a BBC television program hosted by English actor, Reggie Yates, (who played Leo Jones on Dr. Who). Reggie visited Carly at home and persuaded her to sing for him. It took some coaxing, and Reggie didn't want to make the girl feel anxious or uncomfortable.

But with the encouragement of her mother, and taped background music for All That Jazz, Carly seems to unfold from the stiff posture she exhibited in the beginning of the piece. In a pristine voice worthy of any musical theatre star, Carly performs the signature number from the musical Chicago, moving with the rhythm and practiced grace of a professional dancer. You can see her remarkable song on YouTube.

Amidst the problems of living with autism, Carly's talent demonstrates that there is beauty and hope in every situation. Each child is a unique treasure, not matter what disabilities may exist. There is potential in everyone.



Working with the developmentally challenged is rewarding and fulfilling. To see what positions are available in this or other Behavioral Health fields, please contact us.


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