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Nurse's Home Care Service Puts a New Spin On Old-Fashioned Care

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM

House Call, Nurse, RN, LPN, Allied HealthModern medicine has made many advances, but there’s one thing that has remained constant – the wait in the doctor’s office. In years past, health care providers visited patients in their homes. But the house call is a relic of medicine’s past. Now a health service called Caredrop is trying to bring it back in Canada.

Caredrop was founded by Raleen Murphy, a nurse practitioner. She told the CBC that many patients have medical needs that aren’t treated quickly. Some patients who either don’t like waiting in a doctor’s office or can’t arrange the transportation will defer treatment until the medical condition worsens.

Caredrop aims to deliver these services in a timely fashion and from the comfort of the patient’s home. “We’re putting a modern spin on old-fashioned care,” she said to the CBC.

One of the reasons that people don’t seek the care they need is because a medical visit is inconvenient. It requires taking time off of work and arranging travel to a clinic or physician’s office. Murphy says that for many people, the most convenient times to handle these medical visits is after work hours or on the weekends – times when medical offices are closed.

Caredrop offers both home visits and video conference consultations. While these services aren’t covered by Canada’s national health service or by private insurance, Murphy says that she is filling a medical need. Optometry, dental care, and medications aren’t covered by the national health service. She adds that some patients who defer doctor visits end up seeking treatment in emergency rooms – creating an extra burden on the health care system. Providing care and treatment in a patient’s home can ease that burden on hospitals while also ensuring that patients receive the proper care.

Nursing care can be offered in many different settings. To learn more about it and related topics, visit the Healthcaresection of our blog.

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