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Nurse Celebrates Sixth Decade on the Job

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 3, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Nurse, Nursing, LPN, RN, Allied Health, HealthcareFlorence "SeeSee" Rigney turned 90 years old on May 8th, 2015. At that age, you'd think she would be in a nursing home, possibly even confined to a wheelchair. But just one day before that landmark birthday, she was at work - as an Operating Room Nurse at Tacoma General Hospital. She had first started working there 69 years earlier, and in the years since then, she'd held other jobs, taken time off, even tried to retire once in 1971. That "retirement" lasted all of five months before she threw in the towel and returned to work.

She just loved being a nurse more than anything!

After all those decades of dedicated service and care, she got the royal treatment on her special day. Her coworkers threw her a surprise party, the "bigwigs" from the hospital came in person, she got flowers from the CEO of the hospital and a personal note from the Governor of the state! And after so many years on the job, she certainly deserved it.

The world has changed a great deal since she started working. Very few nursing professionals nowadays can count on retiring from the first place that hires them out of college. So changing jobs is almost inevitable in today's marketplace. She was lucky to have an employer who was willing to hold her job for her when she needed to take time off for her family.  

Life can be unpredictable. If there's a change in the family situation, or a serious illness or accident, work may have to be put on the back burner. This can be a difficult but unavoidable situation that impacts both the employer and the employee. It can be hard to fill the void when an employee leaves, and it can be hard to find a new job when you're ready to return to the workforce.

Staffing Plus can make those inevitable bumps in the road a bit smoother. Whether you're in search of employment or in search of new staff, our job is to bring together the right position with the right talent.

Please contact us today to learn how we can meet your needs.

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