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Need Immediate Productivity? Clean Your Desk

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Productivity, Organization, Career AdviceWhen it comes to improved productivity in your office, you'll find that it really comes down to organization. Through the wise words of key experts on this topic, the best thing to work on for improved productivity quickly is your work desk.

According to Peter Walsh, an organization expert and author of It's All too Much: An Easy Plan For A Richer Life With Less Stuff, it's helpful to transform your workspace by thinking about your desk like a car: all the important parts of your car are within arm's length, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, ignition and door handle. Other items that you want to keep close but don't need daily are things you store in the glove department, and items that you almost never need while driving are in the trunk.

You can take the metaphor and apply it to your desk: what is needed immediately that help you work while sitting should be easily accessible, and everything else that is not time-sensitive or productive should be relegated out of arm's reach.

To sum it up in Walsh's words, "Your desk is a workstation, not a storage facility." Therefore, you just need the essentials in front for you, but what does that mean?

Keep your desk simple with:
  • your computer/laptop and necessary accessories
  • calendar/planner
  • sketchbook or task journal
  • cellphone and charger
Things you might consider placing in a different area of your office or getting rid of include:
  • old files
  • junk mail
  • unnecessary supplies
  • printer/scanner
  • books not referenced frequently

By making room on your desk and in your workspace, you will not only find that your productivity rises, but you'll feel less cluttered and more focused on your projects. If you need further inspiration, check out what 6 Productivity Experts Have on Their Desks or read about the Dangers of a Messy Desk.

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