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Love Without Labels -- Cherishing Your Down Syndrome Child

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Hannah Grace, Down Syndrome, Behavioral HealthLook With Your Eyes, See With Your Heart
is what Stephanie Mullowney did when she held her baby for the first time. Little Hannah had Down Syndrome and a host of medical problems that threatened her life. Their doctor said she would have to have open-heart surgery to close three holes in her tiny heart.

Hannah's father couldn't see past the problems and left the family within a week of her birth, because she wasn't perfect. But Stephanie only saw the beauty of a new life.

Abandoned, alone and afraid, Stephanie cried, but she didn't want her little girl to experience her mother's sadness. Bolstered by her faith, she dried her tears, put one foot in front of the other and moved forward. She found joy in motherhood and inspiration in the face of her precious daughter.

Stephanie chronicled Hannah's life in pictures. Her employer, a videographer, recognized her natural talent, and advised her to buy a professional camera. Now two years later, she has a business making images of special needs kids and their families. "These aren’t just pictures I’m taking," she says, "these are captured legacies that speak without words."

She wants the rest of the world to see the wonder in every child. She wishes there were another name for Down Syndrome, one that reflected how special they truly are. "The label itself is an issue," she says.

Mullowney wants to help other special needs families celebrate their children. She feels it is her mission to be a support resource for other parents of Down Syndrome. All of the photographs she produces have a message: "Yes I am different than you, but I am beautiful too. I have goals and dreams just like you."

Life is good for Stephanie. Hannah's health has improved and she will not have to endure surgery. Her company, PaperDolls Photography, is prospering; and on the landing page are the words: Look With Your Eyes, See With Your Heart.

There are a number of positions for working with special needs kids and adults. contact us for information on what is available.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Mullowney / Paper Dolls Photography


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