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Job Search Advice From Your 18 Year-Old Self

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 26, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Career, Job, Healthcare StaffingMost of us get our driver's licenses at age 16. It's a freeing experience to be able to get ourselves around wherever we want to go. And with that car usually comes an after school job. We all know that job isn't long-term. We know there are better things in store for us-- that there are jobs out there that will make us happier. Many of us are closely in tune with the things that make us feel happy, and we intend to keep that light-hearted feeling well into adulthood.

But then life happens. It hits us all at different times, but everyone experiences the arrival of adult responsibilities.

Slowly but surely, we allow ourselves to accept more and expect less. This imbalance often carries over to our careers also. We end up accepting jobs we aren't in love with simply because we are concerned about paying the bills. How would your past self feel about that?

If you spoke to your 18 year-old self, what kind of job search advice would he or she give you?

  1. Do What Makes You Happy: Think back to the hobbies you had when you were 18. Think about your favorite classes and why you loved them so much. Does your current career involve any of those things that used to make you feel happy, or does your job drain all of your energy out of you?

  2. Keep the Lifestyle You Love: Whether you're a city dweller or you live for camping, does your current job allow you the time and space to live life the way you want it? Have things gotten out of hand at home? Are you spending your money where you want to? Have you become obsessed with material objects that drain your wallet?

  3. Hang Out With Friends on the Weekends: We want to make new friends and keep the good ones we already have. Does your current job give you a five-day work week? Do you finish work early enough in the day to meet your friends for happy hour? Why let your job take away your personal life, which allows you to grow as a person and relax.

  4. See Cool Stuff Before You Die: If you have a bad case of wanderlust, are you satisfying it with your job? There's no reasons why your means of earning cash needs to be a pathway to a windowless pit. Be sure you're working at a job that allows you to get out from behind your desk and explore this great world around you.

  5. Don't Lose Yourself: When you were 18, you had a sparkling great personality. You were excited to hang out, enjoyed laughing at jokes, and talked about your hopes and dreams. Does your current career still provide you with those aspirations? Are you continuing to develop yourself while also making money in a career you enjoy?

Yes, making money is important, but your happiness is much more important than anything. Here at Staffing Plus Inc., we want to help you find a great match that even your 18 year-old self would approve of. We want you to feel right at home in your new job, no matter how long you work there.

Don't become something that a teenage version of yourself would criticize. If you're ready to look for new employment, contact us. Someone from our team will be happy to help you impress your younger self.


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