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Even Bad Decisions Offer Lessons That Lead to Business Productivity

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 25, 2017 8:00:00 AM

ProductivityIn the business world, progress is often the consequence of making the correct decisions. Of course, it’s not always clear what the correct decision is, particularly when risk is involved. All big companies have their roots as much smaller businesses based on little more than novel ideas.

Unfortunately, many good ideas lay dormant simply because no one takes the initiative to move something forward.

It’s easy to go through the daily motions of professional life without taking risk. But productivity is more than day-to-day tasks. To advance, sometimes people need to make the decision to take a business risk.

Consider the example of billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson. The Britain-born Branson initially made his fortune in the music business with his successful chain of Virgin music stores. Not content to stay in one industry, Branson decided to start an airline even though he had no aviation industry experience. That business that started with one plane has since grown into three different airlines. “Had we thought too much about it, we would never have made the decision to move forward and set about creating change,” Branson says in his blog.

The way Branson sees things, if presented with an opportunity to take action it’s better to choose the action rather than to do nothing. Even if things don’t work out the way you planned, you’ll learn more from making a bad decision than from making no decision at all. Failure, he explains, is life’s greatest teacher.

So the next time you encounter a chance to make a professional decision, consider both the opportunity as well as the risk. There is always a chance that the choice to take the risk may not work out. But if you make no decision at all, the only thing that is certain is that you passed up an opportunity to find out.

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