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Creative New Ways to Practice Self-Improvement

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 17, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Self-ImprovementThe chances are high that you have read articles before about healthy ways to self-improve. If you have read more than one of those such articles, a pattern probably emerged. This post is not like those others.

This post is rare in that it highlights new and creative ways to begin self-improvement:

  1. Keep alarm clock across the room. That way in the morning, it is easier to wake up refreshed and ready to go. Your body will already be moving and the blood circulating before the alarm has even been turned off!

  2. Practice juggling. There are many reasons to incorporate juggling into your daily routine. For example, the process of working two hands separately at the same time can connect new neuron pathways in the brain. In addition, the movement will help to keep your strength and balance. Juggling can hone a sense of perseverance when the going gets rough. Lastly, juggling boosts self-confidence when you succeed.

  3. Learn to code. Yes, it is never too late to learn computer programming. If you begin with Python (the easiest programming language) you can then launch into more difficult code. This will provide a challenge and purpose to your days and assist with overcoming any fear of being left behind as technology advances. The idea that older people are bad at using technology is a stereotype which you can defy.

  4. Invest in hygiene products. Just because it is easy and cheap to buy the same plain soap every time you run out does not mean that is the only way. You deserve, and even require good products. For good health and happiness you may benefit from a haircut to improve your mood and shorten the amount of time you need to wash in the morning. You may find that your skin is calloused or dry and needs a moistener or exfoliate. Think about what can be done and give yourself the gift of cleanliness.

  5. Stop consuming the one thing you consume the most of. Whether it be chocolate, soda, wine, or even crackers, chances are, if you are eating or drinking a lot of something, it is too much. Everything should be done in moderation so if you eat a chocolate bar a day, go cold turkey until it is completely out of your digestive system and out of your bloodstream. This will have the dual benefit of generating awareness of how dependent you have become on this one item. It will also cleanse you of that dependency long enough for a re-evaluation of how you got to this point and whether or not you will be going back to it consciously or staying off of it.

  6. See friends in person, not just social media. The physical act of visiting will be beneficial for both parties. In addition, you may find that posts which made you feel jealous or in competition to have an exciting life, stem from a boring existence. Social media can be deceptive and harmful. The only way to truly improve your understanding of these friendships is to test the waters in the analogue world. If you find you are not welcome or do not get along, perhaps this friendship is not authentic.

If you are interested in learning more about this and related topics, visit the Self-Improvement and Productivity section of our website.


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