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Career Advice: What if Your Boss Hates You?

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 2, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Career AdviceYour boss has the power to hire and fire you, to assign projects, and to approve any time off you'd like to take. Obviously, you want to have a great working relationship with your boss, but that's not always possible. Here we'll cover a few ideas you can try to salvage the situation, but it might be best to get your exit strategy ready too.

If You Messed Up, Don't Force It

  • If you dropped the ball on a major job your boss might be angry for a long time. This is different than hate, and just like anger in other kinds of relationships there is a good chance this will eventually blow over. After all, it's not like you got fired for it, right?
  • Just keep doing your job and eventually you can gradually re-insert yourself into your bosses inner circle.
  • Be patient. Your boss won't be angry forever. We think Dana Brownlee says it best in this CNN interview "Pick some opportunities to participate in events that you know the boss will be there. That gives you an opportunity to be in their space".

Be Proactive

  • You don't have to be a "brown-noser" but you can do your best work and be proactive.
  • If you see work that needs to be done go ahead and tackle it without being asked. Bosses love an employee that reduces their workload!

Know When Enough is Enough

Know when you've had enough. Not every employee and boss are going to get along, and that's not your fault. Even employees and bosses who really dislike each other a great deal can still work well enough together to get by. However, there is a line between anger over a situation and long term abuse.

You might be ready to contact us with a resume if you're dealing with an abusive situation or if you've had enough of your Tornado Boss.


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