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What Your Boss Expects You to Know About Attracting Top Talent

Posted by Brian Spence on May 22, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Recruiting Top Talent, Attracting Talent, Staffing ServicesWhile the unemployment rate hovers around 7%, the battles for top talent continue. Great employees have choices when making their next career move and they know it.

If your company wants to attract the cream of the crop, you have to create a pitch as to why the opportunity to work for your company is better than working for one of your competitors and better than where the potential employee is currently working. There are some concrete steps you can take to begin that process.

Does Your Culture Make an Impression?

If you don't think of your corporate culture as part of your recruiting process, you may be ignoring an important tool. In a terrific infographic from Venture Beat, one of the main reasons employees leave their current position is because of an unhealthy or undesirable culture. If that is true, then rest assured that a prospective candidate is going to care about the culture of your organization.

If you lead a not for profit organization, your workspace may look different than an international law firm and that is understandable. Candidates who enter your offices for the first time are thinking "can I spend 40-60 hours a week here?" They are watching how others interact with each other, they will ask questions about what it is like to work for the organization and they will attempt to gain a sense of the company's values.

First impressions matter and are lasting.  It is important that as an organization, you evaluate the impression you give to candidates the first time they visit.

Think of it as a First Date

The first rule of dating is to remember not to spend the entire time talking about yourself. While you absolutely need to talk about the role, how it fits into the organization and ask questions about the candidate, you should consider carving some time to ask the candidate about what's important to them.

There is some reason they are interviewing for a new position and allowing them to feel that you care about their career goals, as well as, are willing to listen and partner with them to achieve those goals can distinguish you from the rest.

It's Never Just About the Money

While some job hunters may only be looking for a bigger paycheck, that is becoming more and more rare. In an article 10 Things Employees Want, purpose, goals, autonomy and flexibility top the list of what employees are looking for from their employers. While work-life balance may be one of the most overused terms these days, both men and women want meaningful lives outside of work and don't want to be made to feel guilty if they are not sleeping at the office.

Particularly for those that work in the healthcare field where employees are taxed both emotionally and physically, a good work environment, flexibility, access to resources for professional growth, the ability to do meaningful work can all be important criteria in making a decision to join an organization.

One of the more intangible benefits of working hard to attract top tier candidates is that your company then becomes known as a "go to" employer of choice. You can easily name national companies where employees feel that they have a earned a badge of honor because they work there. In technology, think Apple, Google, and Facebook. In healthcare think Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Geisinger.

Those organizations are easily able to attract top talent because they have built such great reputations as innovative places to work where employees are surrounded by creativity and excellence. You don't have to be Apple or the Cleveland Clinic to earn that reputation. In today's world of social media, build your reputation, think about your corporate culture, and engage your current employees – the best talent will find you.

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