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Baseball Hero Albert Pujols Shows Support for Child With Down Syndrome

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Albert Pujols, Down Syndrome, Behavioral HealthAlthough Albert Pujols left the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011, he is still praised for being a three-time National League MVP, a six-time Silver Slugger, and even a nine-time All-Star. But throughout his career, Pujols has always been known as one of the most considerate ballplayers in the major league.

Albert Pujols was last seen giving away his jersey to a young baseball fan who has Down Syndrome.

This baseball legend's kind gesture has won over the hearts of not only his loyal St. Louis fans, but also many audience members who attended this game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Toronto Blue Jays. Among the cheering crowd was Joe Squarini, from Fort Lauderdale, and his son, Nico, who watched the intense competition unfold from the stadium.

It was near the ninth inning when Albert Pujols approached Nico from the field, who was excited to ask him for an autograph. But to his surprise, Pujols asked the young boy if he wanted the red jersey he was wearing instead. He made sure to sign both his own shirt and the one worn by Nico, in front of the fans who were heard shouting, "We love you, Albert!" and "You're the best Albert!" He then held up Nico and took a picture with him to show support for children with Down Syndrome.

Albert himself started the Pujols Family Foundation in 2005, since his adopted daughter, Isabella had the same genetic disorder. After the game, Joe Squarini has tweeted, "You made our night. Nico will never forget you." under video footage displaying Pujol's kindness towards his son, who has Down Syndrome. And in a matter of days, the video has gone viral on Twitter. A few Angel fans responded by suggesting Pujols as a future Hall of Famer.

To learn more about this and related topics, visit the Behavioral Health section of our blog. And if you are interested in working with children and adults with Down Syndrome, please contact us to learn about opportunities.

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