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Are You Sabatoging Your Career? 4 Things To Never Do At Work

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 11, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Career Guidance, Career SabatogeIt's an inevitable part of life as an imperfect human being: you will make mistakes in your career. Most of the time, these mistakes are fixed by making some revisions or offering a sincere apology. Not all workplace mistakes are easily correctable, however. There are some workplace blunders that are irreversible and can result in long-term damage to your career.

Below are four of the top things you should never do at work:

  1. Quit out of revenge. Most people spend a good majority of their waking hours in the office, so it's expected that you'll eventually experience the full range of emotions during your time at work. Sometimes, the emotions are positive-- excitement, fulfillment-- and other times, you'll likely feel frustrated and angry. During times of extreme anger or disappointment, it's tempting to call it quits. You might consider it the ideal punishment for a manager that's never appreciated your work or treated you fairly. Quitting out of revenge, however, only hurts one person: you. There's no faster way to burn bridges than to quit in anger without providing notice. So, when you're having a really bad day and are ready to turn in that resignation letter, make yourself take a step back. Give it a week to determine if you're ready to move on, or if you simply need time to cool off. And if you do quit, provide the appropriate notice.

  2. Make social media mistakes. Thanks to social media, our private lives are not so private anymore. Remember that everything you post on social media can come back to haunt you later. That includes venting about your bad day at work and posting those pictures from your frat party in college. Additionally, avoid letting others tag you in photos without your permission. Adjust your privacy settings on Facebook to ensure that you're the only one who can post pictures on your profile.

  3. Use company email for personal exchanges. Employees have long been discouraged from using company email to chat with spouses and friends, yet many continue to do just that. The problem is that company email is company property, meaning that your employer can choose to read all about your weekend escapades at any time he or she would like. Don't fool yourself into believing that deleted emails are safe, either. A good rule of thumb is: if you wouldn't want your employer to read it, don't send it through company email.

  4. Misusing an open door policy. Open door policies-- which mean that you're able to go to an executive to discuss concerns or report a problem-- are typically great for employee morale. A potential problem arises, however, when employees go above their immediate supervisor to discuss a concern that they haven't first discussed with their supervisor. The most likely result is that the supervisor feels blindsided and betrayed, which creates a less-than-ideal work environment. Of course, issues related to ethical concerns or illegal activities should always be reported via the open door policy. When it comes to less serious departmental problems, make it a habit to first discuss your concerns with your immediate supervisor before marching into an executive's office.

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