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5 Career Skills That Are Increasingly More Important

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 31, 2014 8:00:00 AM

career skills, job seekers, temp work, staffing services When people go for interviews, they’re told to behave in a certain way if they want to get the job. First of all, they need to wear suits, preferably navy blue suits. They need to be well-groomed. And they need to display enthusiasm for the job whether or not they feel it. It’s supposed to be a good idea to use words such as “problem-solving” and “multi-tasking” even if they’re not entirely sure what they mean.

But you need to keep in mind that the interview is merely the beginning.  It’s your performance during your time at the company that really determines where your career is going to go.

So problem-solving and multi-tasking may turn out to be important but there are certain skills that are gaining more prominence in the current scenario:

  1. Communication. Communication skills are important for everyone, whether you’re a writer who does most of his/her work alone or a salesperson who has to talk to people all the time. Even if you work alone, you’re still going to have to communicate with people at some time or the other. And even writing, though a solitary activity, is actually a means of communication with an audience. Dale Carnegie thought of communication skills as so important that he wrote a book about them, entitled How To Win Friends and Influence People. In this book, he spoke about how many great men recognized that their talent to do whatever they wanted to do was important but communication skills were what eventually made them successful.

  2. Writing Well. Besides verbal communication, it’s also important to learn to write well if you want to do well in your profession. Nowadays, it’s especially important because a lot of people communicate via email or text. Everyone has received those frustrating emails from someone which could mean one thing or the other. Then there are those people who only respond to one part of your email and not another. Given how frustrating you’ve found these habits, keep in mind that others could also be feeling the same about how you write.

  3. Listening. Another facet of communication is listening well. You can’t just talk at a person. You have to talk with them. In order to do this, you need to listen well. This is something you may even have noticed at an interview. Although the purpose of an interview is for the employer to find out more about the potential employee, they actually love it when you ask them questions and listen attentively to their answers. Everyone loves to share their ideas and, if you listen well, you may find that their ideas are actually worth listening to and following up on.

  4. Picking Yourself Up. No one is going to be successful 100% of the time. Even if you are a stellar worker, you’re bound to do something wrong once in a while. This could result in a reprimand, a lowering of your commission or something similar which is likely to bring you down. It’s ok to feel bad about something going wrong in your life or your career. But you also need to be able to pick yourself up and keep going. You can’t let a setback determine who you are. This is an important skill which can help you succeed in the long run.

  5. Taking Risks. Another important skill on the job is the willingness to take risks. If you have a new idea which seems totally off the wall but you think that it could be really successful, you have to speak up and tell people about it. Or you have to put it into action yourself. Of course, all your risks don’t have to be big ones. They can be small risks too. Every time you do something a little different, you’re taking a risk which may or may not yield results. Every time you’re creative, it can be a little bit scary. However, you need to keep doing it anyway.

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