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Workplace Productivity: Create the Extraordinary Out of the Ordinary

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

career tips, job seekers, staffing services, productivity Extraordinary employees usually don't waltz into your office. If they do, they are often the product of great leadership and hard work. Many of those employees may be in your midst even now. You and your colleagues can achieve greatness by implementing a few new perspectives within your workplace:

  • Build incentives beyond money. In most occupations, money alone does not inspire and uplift employees beyond their daily tasks. Find what truly drives your co-workers and employees to work harder and happier. Whether it is friendly competition or simple rewards, feeling appreciated and noticed for going the extra mile motivates employees to continue to go above and beyond.

  • Give back to the community, as a business and together. Find a local charity that impacts your area. Donate to them on a regular basis and get your employees involved with events and fundraisers. Take it one step further and take a day off each year to do a large volunteer effort together. It will give your employees time to work together in a low pressure environment and feel good about helping the community. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or build a home with Habitat for Humanity. In addition to building employee morale, you will have a chance to spend time with other community members.

  • Reinvent Yourselves. Brainstorm ideas on how to fix problems in your business. Invite all employees to participate in how you can improve customer service, cut costs, and build customer loyalty. Listen to their advice and provide feedback. Open channels of communication will increase employee satisfaction and give them a sense of confidence in you and their colleagues.

Both you and your employees have untapped potential. By encouraging excellence and promoting achievements, you can find an increase in productivity across the board.  Do not settle for where you are now; press on to be someone extraordinary.

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