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Will Robots Revolutionize Healthcare for Children?

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 6, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Robot, Healthcare, Child, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingMany children and parents alike fell in love with Beymax, the robotic healthcare assistant in the animated film Big Hero 6. In the children's movie, Beymax was created to assess medical needs and offer assistance in a loving, non-intimidating way.

The concept was actually a pretty great one, because children have always been fascinated with robots. Almost as soon as they are old enough to build with Legos they start to imagine and create friendly robots that have incredible intellects and abilities.

While Beymax may be fictional, there have actually been incredible strides in patient care for children through the use of robots.

Healthcare practitioners often struggle to take the fear and intimidation out of needed medical care for children that may be painful or uncomfortable. However, when an exciting robot comes in the room and talks a child through the procedures while making them smile and laugh, the results can be pretty remarkable.

According to the NBCNews article, "Meet Medi, The Robot Taking Pain Out of Kids' Hospital Visits" by Jacob Rascon and Rich McHugh,

"Research in the journal Vaccine showed MEDi's use reduced children's pain in medical procedures by 50 percent. Dr. Tanya Beran, a professor of community health science at the University of Calgary, got the idea for MEDi after working in hospitals where kids scream at the thought of getting a needle. I thought that maybe they would respond to a child-friendly robot to help them face medical procedures," she said."

In addition to helping with procedures like vaccinations, catheter or IV removal and blood draws, MEDi also has fun games and activities for kids to enjoy. Sometimes just a distraction from the hospital surroundings can be the best medicine for kids who have been through traumatic circumstances.

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