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Why Physical Therapy Should be Primary Treatment For Pain

Posted by Brian Spence on May 27, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Pain, Physical Therapy, PTA, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingWith over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, it's important to look at physical therapy as a primary solution for prevention and rehabilitation. But many patients who suffer from chronic pain are told that surgery is the only option or are given painkillers and medications, without given recommendations for physical therapy.

Doctors like Erson Religioso and Ofir Isaac are two physical therapists with two key pieces of advice to treat patients with chronic pain. Dr. Religioso wants patients to go the extra mile and self-treat their pain with physical therapy, as it will help relieve their aches more outside the office. And Dr. Isaac recommends that patients and doctors look beyond the focal area of pain and seek alternative reasons for it. For example, ear pains can be due to neck problems, and back pain can be a result of overcompensating due to a faulty ankle. Overall, physical therapy should be one of the first answers doctors give when patients come in with pain, before prescribing medication or surgery.

So how can patients avoid surgery or long-term medication? First, it's good to get a second option from a physical therapist: research your chronic pain issue and see if a physical therapist nearby specializes in your pain. Your physical therapist can teach you exercises and stretches that can reduce and prevent your pain by studying your body holistically for comprehension. If it's possible to cure your pains through physical therapy, you can save yourself from a risky surgery, or even extensive costs and dependency on particular drugs.

You don't have to face chronic pain alone: instead, contact us to learn more about how a physical therapist can help you.


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