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Why Being Fired Isn't a Career Ending Event

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 11, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Career, Job, Staffing, Career AdviceOne big fear that many of us have for our careers is that dreaded, two-word phrase: "You're fired." Most of us see it as a blow that will set us back and make it hard to find another job or remain in our career track. However, you actually should not fear this phrase at all, and instead, learn to embrace it.

Being fired doesn't have to have that negative connotation; instead, it can actually help your career and give you a new, positive way to tackle particular obstacles.

For example, first, it's important to consider why you might be fired. Is it a personality difference between you and your boss? Is your boss mean? Do you feel undervalued? Are you drowning in work and feel like people are looking at you negatively for not finishing some things on time?

/bid/196928/The-Ongoing-HR-Challenge-When-Happy-Isn-t-Enough-INFOGRAPHICIf you've answered yes to any of these questions, you're looking at a situation where being fired is not your fault. This type of environment or personal engagement just shows that your job is not the best match. Even if you do get fired from this job, it's easy to understand and explain to new employers why it didn't work out.

Another reason why we fear those words might be from the shame of being fired, or fear of economic uncertainty. Instead, understand that you have nothing to be ashamed of if you do get fired. For some, it's a natural cause of downsizing, or it might be from an unreasonable excuse (for example, getting fired for becoming pregnant is unreasonable and actually illegal in many places). There's nothing to be ashamed of, as many people have heard that phrase before, and many people don't let it become an obstacle for reaching their goals.

If your fear is more for financial reasons, remember that you are more than capable of finding better work, in a company that deserves you. If your work leaves you worried, look for other jobs or alternative sources of income while you are still employed.  It can also give you greater piece of mind if you have the ability to save money for an emergency fund in the event of such a scenario. Be confident in your skills and in yourself, because you do have value. If this job doesn't see that, then they are not worth the sacrifice of your emotional wellbeing.

Don't let getting fired get in the way of your passion and your work. In reality, only you can let it hurt you and your professional career, if you let it. For additional career advice, or to find a new job opportunity, please contact us.


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