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Why a Positive Work Culture Matters

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 31, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Work Culture, Management, Career AdviceA positive work culture creates more productive workers. Business leaders have discovered this and Michelle Burke from the Huffington Post states that "Over the past few years, increased research shows positive environments produce positive benefits specifically to engagement, relationships, health and the bottom line". So what exactly is a 'positive work culture'?

Like a social culture that is a culmination of peoples shared beliefs, attitudes and values, a work culture is shaped by all of the people that share that space. So, why does it really matter whether the work culture is negative or positive? Some reasons include better attendance, better health of the employee, and increases productivity. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it does shed some light on the importance of encouraging a more positive work culture.

Better Attendance

Forbes states it best when they say "When someone dreads going into work, they're going to drag their feet all day. They'll constantly check the clock to see if 5 pm has rolled around." A positive work culture creates employees that enjoy coming to work day after day. They wake up and are ready to come to work to give their best at a job that they love. A positive work culture is especially important for the tough jobs that may require long hours with sometimes low pay. With employees that love to come to work they are less likely to call out for the small things like low motivation, dread of coming to work or their health. Which leads us to the next reason.

Better Health

Optimism and pessimism are the side effect of a positive and negative work culture. Positive culture creates a sense of increased optimism and a negative culture breeds pessimism. Optimism can increase a person's health, while pessimism and hurt it. Positive thinking has a host of benefits such as less stress, lower rates of depression, high immune system, and better heart health that results from lowered stress. There are plenty more health benefits and even some social as well. Better health leads to better attendance records, higher productivity, less behavior issues in the office or work environment and a happier employee.

Better Productivity

When an employee has better attendance and better health from a more positive work environment, it automatically leads to better productivity. The employee wants to come to work, enjoys being at work, has low attendance issues and avoids calling out for sicknesses. There is less of a need to fill a spot from a missing employee or having to rehire someone else for the position. Optimism and a positive work culture inspires ideas and innovative ways to do a better job than what was there before. In contrast, a negative work culture drains the employee of any creativity and increases the need to fill a position or 'pick up the slack' when an employee is out.

It is always better to cultivate a more positive work culture in any type of job. The positive culture will make a company more productive, the workers on time and healthier. It is always more fun to spend the day laughing and smiling than to show up with a frown and leave with that frown. 

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