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When the Down Syndrome Experts Said "You Can't", She Said "Watch Me"

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 15, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Madison Tevlin, Developmentally Disabled, Behavioral Health, Down SyndromeHas anyone ever told you that you can't do something? They may have offered a believable reason, like you're too old, too young, too under-educated, too over-educated, or [insert reason here].  Whatever that reason, they often think they are helping you when they explain why you can't succeed. They know that failure is painful, so it's safer if you just don't try. And when they said it, did you believe them?

While many of us do believe the naysayers around us, Madison Tevlin does not.

Madison is the 13-year-old star of a YouTube video that features her singing the song "All of Me" by John Legend. Madison also has Down Syndrome, and her parents were told by one doctor that she might never be able to talk. Speech difficulties are a characteristic of Down Syndrome, and very few with the genetic disorder are able to sing. Madison defies those odds in her video which has been viewed nearly seven million times and was even retweeted by John Legend himself.  A story on includes her reaction to the star's tweet.

What's makes Madison's story truly remarkable is that her success comes entirely from hard work.  

Madison loved singing, so her parents steered her to a vocal coach to help her get better. Her mother said, "She would sing all the time and I really wanted her to improve because it was more screaming or like a monotone sound coming out." Madison spent a year working with the vocal coach learning to control her voice and pitch, resulting in a "huge improvement" and a video that she hopes will inspire others to have faith in themselves.

So the next time that some well-meaning person tells you that you can't do something, think of Madison and the experts who said that she might not talk, let alone sing. She replied with her message to the world: “You can do it no matter what you think. Just go for it and do it if you really like it.”

If you're ready to "go for it" and make a career change helping others with developmental challenges, contact us for more information to see how Staffing Plus can help.

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