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When It Comes To Healthcare Jobs: Pharmacist Tops The List

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 17, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Pharmacist, Pharmacy, Allied HealthWhen high school graduates begin to think of possible careers and fields of study, a smart career counselor will encourage them to look at the growth projections in the industries they are considering. Healthcare jobs are amazingly stable, because you can find healthcare jobs in every town in the country. Plus, as the baby boomers age, a higher percentage of the population will have more frequent health needs, which means that health care jobs will see growth across the board in the next few decades.

However, once you know you're interested in the healthcare field. How do you narrow down the particular job you should pursue? Of course your personal interests and skills are important to consider. However, Forbes recently posted a list that can help you hone in on the very best jobs in healthcare.

In the Drugstore News article, "Forbes: Pharmacist ranks No. 1 In Best Healthcare Jobs" writer Michael Johnsen said,

"Pharmacist ranks No. 1 in a Forbes list of the best 15 healthcare jobs published Thursday. Of the 15 healthcare positions highlighted, this role commands the highest median salary and the projected growth rate for employment is 14% by 2022, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics."

Pharmacists are in high demand, tend to have a lot of flexibility in the hours they work and the kinds of facilities they can choose to work in. They also interact with patients in a direct way, and they are often the ones that help prevent problems with medicine interactions, and allergic reactions. Patients rely on their pharmacists to help them take their medication safely. A lot of pharmacists really enjoy helping people and derive a lot of satisfaction from their work.

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