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When Entering Hospice - Earlier is Better

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Hospice, Long Term CareHospice Chaplains say the most frustrating thing they experience is that a majority of their patients wait to enter hospice care until it is too late for hospice to do very much to improve their quality of life.

When patients enter hospice care earlier they are able to make decisions on their own without feeling rushed or balancing extreme symptoms with the process of being on-boarded as a hospice patient.

Hospice care can offer talk therapy, music therapy and art therapy, not just for the patient but also for caregivers. Medications can be managed through hospice care which can really simplify the process for patients and their support team. 

Often times, people are resistant to start the hospice process because it feels like giving into their illness or giving up hope. However, many patients live longer than expected in hospice care, some even recover from their terminal illnesses. Joining a hospice program as a patient will not hasten death in any way; this is a simple truth, but sometimes it needs to be stated implicitly to help patients and their families feel more comfortable with taking advantage of hospice services.

Hospice care is covered by Medicare and most Medicaid programs, as well as VA benefits and most private insurance plans. Financial considerations should not prevent anyone from taking advantage of hospice services as there is assistance available to cover costs for people who need it, from private donors and contributors.

You can help spread the word about the benefits of earlier enrollment in hospice care. If you are looking for a job in the health care industry, or if you have positions that need to be filled by qualified, compassionate applicants, please contact us.

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