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Various Speech Therapy Options to Meet Your Child's Needs

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy, SLP, Speech Language PathologistAn estimated 5 to 8 percent of children in the United States display speech problems, which if not remedied, could lead to social and economic issues as they get older. Fortunately, speech therapy can help many of these children resolve their speech and language problems. With increases in technology, there are several options for this form of therapy.

In-Person Speech Therapist

Many children get the traditional speech therapist experience where they interact with them face-to-face. This works well for many children because they have that instant feedback from a real person. Their therapist can interact and play with them. Unfortunately, because of the decline in the number of people going into therapy combined with rising healthcare costs, in-person speech therapy is not always possible. Plus, children often need to be pulled out of class to participate in therapy.

Through the Computer Speech Therapist

Because speech therapists are not always available where they are needed, some students participate in their therapy through the computer. While this does offer some flexibility, it also requires technology to cooperate on both ends. Plus, children are still generally pulled out of class to participate in this computer based therapy.

Speech Therapy Apps Such as Speech Up

Speech Up is a recently created app that allows kids to have fun while improving their speech skills. It includes puzzles and challenges that children complete by pronouncing words correctly. Currently, the focus is on pronunciation, but the goal is to address other speech problems such as stuttering and lisping. Children can use the app when it is convenient for them. Because they are playing games, it never has to feel like they are doing tasks that are actually helping them. Instead, they improve their speech skills while having fun.

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