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Using Your Inner Grit for Career Success

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Career Advice, Grit, PerseveranceIntelligence can only carry a person so far in life, and those who share career advice maintain that the willingness to persevere often marks the dividing line between success and failure. While businesses establish minimum educational requirements for employment, they actually covet the candidates whose grit and tenacity sets them apart.

A determined person will find a way to succeed. Corporations search for individuals who will go the extra mile, stay late or come in early, and see a project through to the end. Management will handsomely reward such personnel because their efforts largely define the organization.

True grit distinguishes itself in all life's undertakings. America won its independence--not because of superior intelligence--but due to a willingness to stay the course during the darkest hours. Those who stay the course often meet with success.

Due to a deep sense of resolve, Winston Churchill triumphantly guided the British through World War II and thereby altered the course of history.

Margaret Thatcher won renown on the world stage because she possessed toughness in abundance.

Many American businesses would have long ago disappeared from the commercial scene save for determined owners who never sounded the trumpet of retreat. When people analyze personal victories in their lives, many identify savvy and grit as the most important reasons underlying their success.

People would do well to set goals in life and steadfastly pursue them. Those lacking such qualities soon either exit the stage or fade into anonymity. On the other hand, those bound for glory will claim it because they own the grit required to persevere and overcome.

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