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Up Your Sports Performance with Physical Therapy

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 13, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, Healthcare, PTFor the sports-minded individual, it often becomes apparent that professional expertise is needed in order to obtain optimal performance and/or to avoid injury. While there is more professional information available than ever in the way of downloadable apps and online sites, sometimes a more hands-on approach is needed. For those who want to maximize their physical abilities, enlisting the aid of a professional physical therapist can be a strategic move.

Identifying and Correcting Weaknesses

It's not uncommon for individuals to reach a certain level of performance, only to become side-lined by an injury. After they heal and re-start their exercise program, they invariably injure themselves again. Eventually they become frustrated, since they never seem to be able to move past a certain level of performance.

For those who repeatedly injure themselves when they attempt to achieve gains, a professional physical therapist may be able to help. By identifying specific muscle issues such as tightness or weakness, a physical therapist can recommend key stretching and strengthening exercises designed to help an individual push past their previous limitations.

Optimizing Training

Individuals who want to train for competitions can also greatly benefit from a physical therapist's professional expertise. A good physical therapist can provide well-rounded advice regarding critical athletic components such as endurance, flexibility, correct movement, and proper strength. A PT can also create an individualized exercise program specifically designed to help the athlete safely achieve their training goals.

Reach Higher in a Controlled Environment

Even those who aren't necessarily training for a competition can benefit from working with a physical therapist. PT clinics offer a safe, controlled environment for those who want to try higher-level exercises guided by the support and expertise of someone on the sidelines. By essentially having their own personal professional coach with them at their side, an athlete can likely make greater gains in their performance and avoid injury at the same time.

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