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Unique Camp Provides Speech Therapy and Other Skills

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy, Allied Health, SLP, Speech PathologyMany people take talking and other communication skills for granted. Yet, for some kids, forming the words they want to say can be a struggle. Unfortunately, as kids struggle to express themselves, they sometimes get frustrated and close themselves off, limiting their communication even more.

Luckily, in Spokane, Washington, Camp Candoo provides a speech therapy solution for children who suffer from apraxia, a rare speech problem in which people struggle to form the correct mouth and lip movements to speak.

In the process of helping children with apraxia learn to properly say words, Camp Candoo also provides an assortment of other benefits to the campers that includes:

  • Extensive One-On-One Help. With traditional speech therapy, children often only get to work with the speech therapist for a short time before it is another child’s turn. With Camp Candoo, each child is matched with a speech therapist “friend” for the week. The therapist can help guide the child’s mouth to form the right movements to say words. The therapist will also help the child practice specific phrases.

  • A safe environment to practice their speech. As the children meet others who speak like them, they feel more comfortable opening up and practicing talking. Because their camp peers are struggling with the same speech problems, they do not need to feel like they are being judged.

  • Confidence. As the children realize that with hard work, they can better express what they want to say, they gain a greater desire to want to speak. Instead of not wanting to practice their speaking skills, they gain a greater desire to improve upon the skills they have practiced. One boy in his second year at the camp was excited to return this summer, feeling like the camp had helped him a lot last year.

Of course, children do not need to go to a speech camp specifically focused on their speech or language problem to gain some of the benefits that Camp Candoo provides.

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