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Top Reads For Occupational Therapy From 2015

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 5, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Occupational Therapy, Healthcare Staffing, Allied Health, OT, PT, PTAThe beginning of 2016 is a great time to be reflective about last year, especially for Occupational Therapists that want to understand their field or provide valuable resources to their patients. Successful occupational therapy bloggers were reading the four finds below and more in OT Connection's roundup.

Looking to stay current in your field? You should add them to your reading list as well.

  1. Massimo Calabresi's, "Why American's Can't Kick It's Painkiller Problem" article. This is a great, in-depth article on Americans and their overuse of prescription medication. OTs can help by preventing and supporting those with pain and stress, who might be over medicating due to a health care system that treats with pain killers first, and not strategies to alleviating the causes.

  2. Cheryl Crow, "Why and How Do Pediatric Occupational Therapists Play Games?" blog post: This great post by Crow is targeted to those who underestimate the value of play. Play is so important for building all the fine motor and visual motor, hand-eye coordination, pre-handwriting, depth perception, and more, and how a child plays is a great indicator of their development and improvement over time. It can serve as a great reference for parents who want to understand why game play is built into sessions so much.

  3. Carrie Cariello, "Exploring the Colorful World of Autism" blog: A blog written by the mother whose son has autism, it's an illuminating find that talks about how her family lives with and deals with their son. It's heartfelt and real, with successes and failures, and gives OTs, families, and the general public a clearer picture of autism.

  4. Oliver Sacks, On the Move, A Life book: A great autobiography of physician Oliver Sacks, who brings his own triumphs and tragedies into light. He focuses on how different events in his life really do affect how he treats his patients, and adds a humane approach to his work where the whole patient is important, not just the details in the file. It's a great read for OTs who aspire to help their patients with a fuller approach.

Make sure you see the extensive list at OT Connection, and compare to what you've already read. For those seeking to hire talented healthcare professionals, please contact us.

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