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Top 5 Skills Needed for Home Health Aides

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 12, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Home Health Aide, Behavioral Health, Healthcare StaffingWorking as a Home Health Aide is a demanding, yet rewarding job. It provides you an opportunity to care for and touch the life of an elderly or disabled citizen. Some skill training may be required, but there are five critical “soft” skills necessary to attain success as a Home Health Aide.

  1. Patience – You’re dealing with people who are unable to do things for themselves. Tasks they may have once been able to do. They may become easily frustrated and impatient with themselves. It’s up to you to be calm and patient with them. Elderly people sometimes have a particular way they like things done and it’s important that you try to accommodate their wishes. Patience is a virtue when you’re trying to coax a client into doing something they don’t want, but need to do.

  2. Detail Oriented – Your clients’ health is your topmost priority. It’s important that you pay attention to everything. Something simple could be an underlying symptom of a serious health condition. Observe your patient’s overall health and record details accurately. Be sure to report anything out of the ordinary, even if it seems small and insignificant.

  3. Physical Stamina – You’ll have to perform physical duties for most patients, from running a vacuum cleaner to heavy lifting. Stamina and the ability to be on your feet for long hours is imperative.

  4. Time Management – Your patients depend on you to help them with their daily activities. It’s critical you adhere to the schedule given to you by either your agency or your patient. Being late with their medicines can be dangerous. Be on time and work efficiently.

  5. Interpersonal Skills – Being able to interact positively with your patients may be one of the most important skills you can bring to the table. You’ll be spending hours of one-on-one time with them, so keeping them engaged in conversation and/or activities is beneficial for both of you. Empathize with their fears and concerns. Offer up dignity in large doses. Healthy and respectful interaction will go a long way in building a solid rapport with your client. You may be walking in their shoes one day.

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