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Three Reasons Recent Graduates Make Great Occupational Therapists

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Occupational Therapist, COTA, Allied HealthIf you are looking to hire an occupational therapist for your company, on the surface, it may seem that hiring someone with experience is the best decision. The person knows how to do the work. They have worked in the field for years. The training process would be minimal. A newly graduated OT, though, might be the best addition to your company for several reasons.

Not Set in Their Own Ways

Whether people want to admit it or not, after they have done something a certain way for years, they don't want to change. New graduates have not worked long enough to get set in their own ways. This means they are open to new treatment methods and other practices.

Familiar with New Methods

New graduates are familiar with new methods and comfortable using them since that is what they learned in school. In general, they are also more tech savvy. Not only will they be able to use these new methods, but they can help you and others in the office understand the latest methods. While they will definitely learn from you, you will likely be learning from them as well.

Want to Learn and Are Still Enthusiastic

While you may still love being an OT, there's a good chance you are not feeling quite the same level of enthusiasm that you felt when you first started the job. New graduates want to work hard and learn more. They want to do their best job to prove that they are the best pick. Many new graduates want to get their student loans paid off as quickly as possible, which often means they are willing to work an odd schedule, allowing your practice to have more flexible hours. Plus, because many graduates are younger, they often have fewer family obligations and other things that take their focus off their job.

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