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The Ultimate List of Occupational Therapy Apps for Children

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Occupational Therapy, OT, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffiingMost occupational therapy experts will prefer unstructured play time versus screen time. But with so many great apps on an iPad for children, sometimes a screen can provide a great opportunity for therapeutic practice. The Inspired Treehouse recently compiled a great list of apps that help with their own occupational therapy sessions.

Here are 5 of our favorite and free apps that also made the list.

  1. My Little Suitcase. In My Little Suitcase, the children try to find items they are packing for a trip. They then have to guess where they're going based on the items! This visual perception and memory game allows for up to 4 people to play.

  2. Little Writer. Little Writer helps children learn to write letters with some auditory and visual feedback. As the child traces letters, shapes, and numbers on the screen, the app will alert the user when they form correct or incorrect letters. This helps the child learn how to recognize and write letters.

  3. Doodle Buddy. This simple drawing app offers a lot of fun features. From stamps to textured background, there's a lot of colorful elements to help children get creative. The Doodle Buddy is also great for creative teens and adults as well.

  4. Drum Kit. For kids who need an auditory sensory break, the drum kit is a great, virtual version for a real drum set.

  5. Fluidity. Fluidity is a fun visual stimulation app where you can control the flow of colors and lights with the touch of your finger. It's like a virtual lava lamp inside your phone, and has a calming effect on many children who use it!

All 20 of the apps are listed over at The Inspired Treehouse, one of our favorite blogs for occupational therapy advice. To learn more about this and related topics visit the Healthcare section of our blog.

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