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The True Face of Mental Illness in Society

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 8, 2014 8:00:00 AM

MIAW-WebPoster-2014Mental Illness strikes across the boundaries of race, age, and gender without discrimination.  It affects roughly 6% of the population in the United States and costs over $300 billion per year in lost earnings, health care expenses, and disability benefits. Unlike a physical disability, the stigma associated with mental illness is much more difficult to deal with and overcome.

The stereotypical image of a mentally ill individual is that of an unkempt, homeless person wandering the streets talking to thin air.  According to Wikipedia, an estimated 1% of the U.S. population experiences homelessness in a given year. Furthermore, an estimated 25% of this demographic suffers from some form of this illness.

We If this is true, then who makes up the remaining 5.75% of Americans dealing daily with a mental disorder.

In support groups located in the basements of hospitals and churches, you can personally meet a cross section of the 5.75% struggling firsthand with serious mental illness and members of their support network. They do indeed represent a equal smattering of socioeconomic, gender, and race demographics and resemble the type of people you'd find riding public transportation on any given day. They are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, students, employers, professionals all seeking a way to improve the suffering this illness causes themselves and others.

No doubt it is a frightening thing to lose control of your mind and began acting and experiencing the world through a distorted lens. Whether this manifests itself as thoughts that one is too fat leading to life threatening starvation, beliefs that they have superhuman powers with outcomes ranging from physical harm to self or bystanders, or facing life changing legal consequences, these types of attitudes and behaviors fall far outside the boundaries of what is considered normal.

We fear what we do not understand. It is even easier to stigmatize what we fear.

Victims of mental illness need a host of support ranging from finding the right health care provider to discovering - oftentimes after a lengthy period of trial and error - the right combination of medications to properly address the symptoms of their disorder.

We at Staffing Plus understand the importance of connecting people with the appropriate professional to custom tailor appropriate interventions for those facing mental health challenges.  As such, our company is proud to stand with NAMI to bring attention to this year's Mental Illness Awareness Week running from October 5th through the 11th. Join us as we collectively elevate our consciousness regarding this important issue that impacts the estimated 6% of Americans today and their respective loved ones.

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