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The Critical Connection Between Down Syndrome & Physical Therapy

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 1, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Down Syndrome Awareness Month, National Physical Therapy MonthPhysical Therapy. Down Syndrome. While these are not topics that the average person would necessarily put together, there are actually some natural connections between the subjects.

On the serious side, physical therapy offers real benefits for children with DS. These children typically have low muscle tone and often need to improve the strength and endurance of their muscles. Physical therapy provides the tools for that improvement. Stacy Menz, DPT, who is a Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist, wrote an excellent article for parents on bringing these tools home which you can read about here.

On the less serious side, these topics are also connected by the month of October, which is when we recognize both Down Syndrome Awareness Month and National Physical Therapy Month.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month is hosted by the National Association for Down Syndrome. It gives parents and advocates of those with DS an opportunity to really focus their efforts to spread awareness of DS. It is an excellent opportunity to highlight the talents and gifts of those with Down Syndrome. Look for an event in your local community to find out more.

National Physical Therapy Month honors the contributions that physical therapists and physical therapy assistants make to the lives of their patients. The celebration is sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association. In the words of Paul A. Rockar Jr, President of the APTA, "Physical therapy is all about transforming lives, 1 patient at a time."

In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, the APTA is launching a new campaign to educate the public on "The Top 7 Myths About Physical Therapy". Visit their website to learn more about the campaign and check out the list (released on October 1). Share the list with your patients, their families and your facility to spread the word about the benefits of physical therapy. And have a safe and happy National Physical Therapy Month!

If you are a physical therapist or other healthcare professional looking for employment, contact us. There are facilities looking for your skills; we can help you find them.

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