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Target 2018 - Look a Year Ahead For Self-Improvement

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Future, Self-ImprovementWe're well into the first month of 2017, and how many resolutions have already bitten the dust, heaped upon the pile of good intentions that never saw the light of day?

The truth is, making plans for one year at a time is not the best way to get things done, and may even be an impediment to self-improvement.

Long term planning and setting large goals motivates you to invest more energy and be more committed to achievement.

If you are saving for a car, you don't just put away enough to buy some tires; you want the entire automobile. Visualize what it is you want and the steps to make that vision real will come together. Then you have a clear path to follow, and you can map out the journey more easily.

  • A vague "someday" will only get you through today. Make that someday a certain time. Start planning right now to make 2018 a banner year. If you need inspiration, look to people you admire who have accomplished great things.

  • Don't let anything deter you. Obstacles will be thrown in your way. People will try to discourage or thwart you. Unanticipated circumstances will challenge your resolve.

  • Just keep going. Know that your goal is worthy of the effort and sacrifice that it takes to get where you need to be. Embrace failure as a teacher and keep going. Perseverance is the key.

  • Have the confidence in your own projects to endure through whatever the world throws at you. The opinions of others will not pay the bills or bring your dream to fruition. They don't feel the pain when you fail.

  • It's advice as old as the earth, but it holds true in all things - never give up. Truly successful people see far beyond the horizon and have a vision for ultimate success.

Henry Ford failed repeatedly before he became the iconic American industrialist we all know today. In his book, MASTERY, author Robert Greene describes the dogged determination of young Ford:

He would have to invent his own form of organization, his own business model, one that suited his temperament and needs—including an efficient team he could trust, and the right to the final word on every decision.

The decision is yours; you have the power to change, or not. Look past 2017 to 2018 and beyond. Live life a day at a time, but prepare for the years ahead by envisioning what you want to be. Then you can look back on '17 and '18 and be grateful that you started when you did.

If your goal is to boost your career in health care delivery, start your planning by contacting us. We can help you realize your career goals.

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