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Talking to TV Characters & More Signs You Might Be a Speech Therapist

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 3, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapist, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingSpeech therapists are a special breed. More than just a career, many of us view speech therapy as a calling that we can’t turn off at the end of the workday. Just hearing people talk triggers the gears of our minds to study, analyze, and even engage people in conversation about—you guessed it—speech!

Helen Coleman, a therapist working in the United Kingdom, recently blogged in SpeechblogUK about how she sees speech therapy in various aspects of her life. This blog resonated with us, and if you can relate, perhaps speech therapy might be for you.

Here are some of the signs she sees signaling that you might be a speech therapist:

  1. Junk in the trunk. Therapists work with boys and girls of all ages, so we carry around a lot of stuff that work in engaging children. Games, books, sound cards, and stuffed animals can serve as tools for speech therapy exercises. Our car trunks, handbags, and backpacks are full of them.

  2. Talking to the television. For most people, TV is a way to relax or escape. Speech therapists engage with television in a completely different way: The dialogue presents new opportunities to analyze speech patterns, accents, and lisps. And when we see a television character vocalize a speech problem, we chime up to fix it!

  3. Stickers! For children who have speech pathologies, speech exercises can present challenges. We therapists try to make these exercises feel less like work by offering rewards, such as stickers.

  4. We’re directionally challenged. Well, we know where we’re going. But we can only tell you how to get there by using as landmarks the local schools that we routinely visit.

  5. Baby talk. Parties are social time, but speech therapists often spend time at these gatherings to talk to complete strangers about the language development of their children.

  6. Ahh, memory. Tablet computers are a modern convenience, but not when they run out of memory. While ordinary people keep the number of apps downloaded to these devices to a moderate number, speech therapists are always pushing the memory limits of their tablets with the various speech apps they use for work.

  7. Baby talk, part 2. In the grocery store checkout line, you find yourself making funny faces at cooing babies in front of you, or maybe even pulling out a random item from your handbag to distract them. Care for a sticker?

Speech therapy is a rewarding career that offers people the opportunity to help children communicate better with the world around them. If you would like to learn more about speech therapy careers, contact us.


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