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Tackling Speech Therapy With Selfies

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy, Selfie, Allied Health, Speech Therapist, SLP, Speech Language PathologistIt can be hard enough for a therapist to have a successful speech therapy session with a middle schooler, especially since it is an age where many pre-teens feel too self-conscious to participate fully or open up. What can make sessions more fun, engaging, and less stressful for a young patient?

The answer might be your patient's favorite social activity: the selfie.

A selfie is simply a photo someone takes of his or herself, using a cell phone. Many selfies are used for the purpose of sharing with friends, and can be fun pieces of art, photos of just the person looking or feeling good, or just silly faces. While it might seem too silly, it can actually be a great tool as a way to jumpstart conversation, just as speech-language pathologist Erik X. Raj explains for his sessions.

So how can you bring in selfies into your therapy sessions? It's as simple as playing an inference warm-up exercise, just like Erik: take a photo album, such as Gerard's Selfies with a Twist, and ask your student this question each time - When was this selfie taken? Why do you think that?

You'll find students opening up with creative responses, and none of them are wrong. You can even lead to other exercises, such as talking about what kinds of funky objects they might use for a selfie with a twist. Overall, not only can it help students and therapists connect, but also help you understand your student more clearly in an easy, fun way.

Erik X. Raj has some other great resources as fun ice-breakers in your sessions--such as the crazy items in a beard--and we do as well. Interested in hiring talented Speech Therapists for your organization? Please contact us.

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