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Studio Promotes Art Created by the Developmentally Disabled

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 26, 2015 8:00:00 AM

developmentally disabled, behavioral health, autism, special educationCreative expression is an important part of the human experience. The more limited you feel in your daily experiences, the more important it is to have a creative outlet. With art you can express feelings that you might not be able to express verbally.

Artistic expression is valuable for the person creating the art no matter their age or skill level.

In addition to providing an outlet for the creator, it can also give outsiders a glimpse into the world of someone who has had very different life experiences to their own. Art that is created by the developmentally disabled is valuable for therapy and communication. However, that art can also stand on its own as culturally relevant and critically acclaimed additions to the fine art landscape.

In Oakland, California there is a studio called Creative Growth that is specifically dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities create and showcase art.

According to the Huffinton Post article, "Artist With Disabilities Explore the Far-Reaching Potential of Visual Expression," by Priscilla Frank,

"It's the best facility for local, adult artists living with disabilities," Jonah Olson, an artist and former teacher in Creative Growth's printmaking studio told The Huffington Post. "The amount of work they produce and the quality of it, it's incredible."

It would be amazing to see communities across the country begin to acknowledge and appreciate art created by adults with disabilities. Showcasing the kinds of art created by adults with disabilities helps expose a new audience to these works.

If you are passionate about seeing developmentally disabled adults have an impact on culture and a significant place in your local community, you may want to find a job that enables you to work with the developmentally disabled and advocate on their behalf. For more information about job openings in your area, please contact us.

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