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Strong Managers are Key to Employee Retention

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 17, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Management, Leadership, Career AdviceHow many people do you know that have never left a job? The answer is probably zero. So why do people leave their jobs? Most of the time it somehow relates to their manager, either directly or indirectly. Having strong managers can help improve retention of good employees.

Manager Development

Most major corporations have management develop programs but Gallup polls indicate that while managers complete the programs, they still do not feel fully prepared to take on the responsibilities assigned to them. Why is this? It could be holes in the management programs, but it is likely related to the types of people chosen to participate in the programs. Rather than choosing managers based on tenure or productivity, companies should be choosing candidates based on leadership skills. This includes charisma, initiative, drive, the ability to be a team player, and the ability to perform independently as well.

Taking a Hands-On Approach

When asked about their manager's involvement, 52% of people polled said that their managers could have done something that would have changed their decision to leave a company. That is a big deal. That means that over half of people that leave their jobs would actually be willing to stay if their managers took a more hands-on approach. Employees don't just need a manager, but also want a mentor. Mentorship includes grooming employees to be the best they can at their job, and also helping the employee to see how they can grow within a company. However, when an employee lacks vision with their company, it makes sense why they would choose to leave.

Look to the Future

Look around your organization and I bet you can recognize the natural leaders from the stagnant managers. If leaders start treating each employee as an investment and their managers as being responsible for growing that investment, organizations are bound to evolve for the better.

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