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State of Ohio Could Improve Fulfilling Needs of Special Education Students

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Special Education, Behavioral HealthImagine going through high school and graduating without knowing how to read. It seems like this would be impossible, given that reading and writing are basic skills which everyone needs to know in order to survive in our society today. But some special education students do struggle with acquiring these skills. It's up to the school they go to to make sure that they get the type of education they deserve.

Graduating Without Learning to Read

It seems that the school district does not always take responsibility for making sure that special ed students learn how to read. In fact, some students in the state of Ohio have recently come forward saying that they graduated high school without learning this basic skill.

These students tried to get their teachers' attention and told them that they were having trouble reading. But this did not have any effect. A certain student's mother also approached the teachers at the school in order to talk about this problem, but she was just told that the student was making progress and that everything was fine. Eventually, the student ended up graduating but was unable to find work or even join the army because he could not read or write. "It caused a lot of depression, anxiety," he said.

What Action Can One Take in This Situation?

Lisa Perez, who is with Ohio Parent Advocacy and Consulting, says that the situation shows that the district needs to work on the type of education it is offering children. She also added that parents need to be involved. They need to approach the school and ask that their child's needs be fulfilled. "You can really, in theory, ask for anything. Anything that's appropriate for that free, appropriate public education." Parents also have the option of calling in advocates to ask for mediation.

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