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Standing Out in Your Job: Tips for Separating Yourself From the Pack

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 8, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Job, Standout, Stand Out From CrowdAll employees want to be recognized as someone who is competent, capable, and gets the job done. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to stand out among your colleagues-- particularly in larger companies.

Below are some tips for distinguishing yourself from the pack and standing out as a true superstar in the office:

  • Be the hardest worker. There are many factors involved in workplace success that are outside of your control. Working hard, however, is something that is always within your control. What you might lack in experience or talent, you can often make up for with hard work. Be known as the employee who outworks everyone in the office.

  • Speak up in meetings. Managers always take note of which employees contribute their thoughts and ideas in meetings and which employees sit silently. Leaders always speak up-- contribute to meetings in any way that you can.

  • Be the first to volunteer. When company emails are sent out asking for volunteers for various events and activities, be the first to hit 'reply'. In addition, even when volunteers aren't specifically requested, let it be known that you're available to help if needed.

  • Show up early and get to work. Most managers would agree that arriving to work early makes a good impression. However, getting to work an hour early and accomplishing nothing productive with your time has the opposite effect. Get to work early but have a purpose-- put the final touches on your latest project or complete those tedious but necessary tasks for the week.

  • Always do more than what your job requires. Fulfilling the basic requirements for your job is great-- but not likely to get you noticed as a standout among the crowd. True office superstars consistently go above and beyond the call of duty and encourage others to do the same.

  • Be a problem solver. Any employee can point out a problem with a project, but it takes an exceptional employee to be the one who steps up and offers a solution.

  • Let people get to know you. Don't underestimate the importance of being likeable at work. Letting your colleagues and managers know a few personal details about your life can help you stand out. Tell them about your love for skiing or share pictures of the dog you just adopted from a shelter.
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