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Speech Therapy -- It's Not Just For Kids

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy, Allied HealthWhen most of us think of speech therapy, we imagine speech therapists in a colorful room full of children. Smiling and laughing, they play games with kids while masterfully perfecting their diction. This is true for some speech therapists, but others help the grown-ups instead. Helping adults work to improve their speech is a fun and rewarding profession, too.

Are you wondering what kinds of speech issues adults might have? These are just a few examples of the kinds of speech related challenges that adults need help with, and settings where you might help them:

  • Stuttering. Did you know that three million Americans stutter? Stuttering is a source of shame and embarrassment for many adults who do it, but careful work with a speech therapist will stop the stutter and grow their confidence.

  • Lisps. Some adults can get rid of their lisp using DIY methods, but working with a speech therapist is much faster and more effective. Stopping adults' lisps helps their careers and personal life, especially when their job requires significant interaction with people.

  • Language Pragmatics. Disorders like social pragmatic disorder and Autism aren't just kid issues; they continue into adulthood. Speech therapists transform these adults' social lives by teaching them social and conversational skills.

  • Stroke Victims. All hospitals staff speech therapists to help their adult patients who suffer from strokes, traumatic brain injury, and other sudden medical issues that cause speech problems. Working in a hospital will help these adults get a new lease on life.

  • Elderly Adults. Retirement homes, adult day health centers, and nursing homes are also in need of speech therapists, for issues that impact elder's speech such as dementia and low muscle tone. By working with these older adults, you'll help them express themselves well into their golden years.

Being a speech therapist is not only an exciting career, it's also a growing one! The BLS predicts speech language pathologist jobs will grow 21% over the next several years, far faster than average. Contact us to learn more about getting started in working in speech therapy with adults or kids.


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