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Speech Therapy for Children FAQs

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 13, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy, SLP, Allied HealthIf your child has gotten a recommendation to start speech therapy from your pediatrician, it can feel overwhelming. Parents might feel unsure where to begin or nervous about approaching your child's teacher or guidance counselor for help. We've put together a quick guide to the most commonly asked questions about speech therapy for parents of the youngsters who need it.

Does My Child Need Speech-Language Therapy?

If the pediatrician has recommended it, yes. If you haven't been to the doctor yet, and suspect that your child might outgrow a childhood lisp, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your child understand language at home? If your school-aged child is struggling to follow basic directions like "put on your shoes" or "find your backpack," then it's probably time for speech therapy.
  2. Does he or she struggle to make speech sounds? If your child is entirely non-verbal or seems far behind for their age, see a doctor.
  3. Can your child eat, drink and swallow easily? According to Northeast Ohio Parent magazine kids who experience difficulty eating or swallowing "may have a disorder such as dysphagia, which can be treated during speech therapy." Another thing to look for is gagging or refusing to eat certain food textures, or consistencies. If this sounds like your child, they'll likely benefit from speech therapy or occupational therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Speech Therapy?

There are too many to list here! Some of the most vital benefits are:

  1. Improved speech skills
  2. Improved social skills
  3. Reduced stuttering
  4. A more understandable accent if English isn't your child's first language
  5. An increase in communication which leads to a boost in confidence

Once you see the differences in your child's communication skills, you'll be eager to help the process along.

How Can Parents Help With Speech Therapy?

Every child is unique, so ask your child's speech therapist for any extra "homework" you can do to help the process. You can also read actively to them every day, sounding out words and voicing character voices to help them understand the context.

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