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Speech Therapy Bingo - Much More Than a Game!

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy Bingo, Speech Therapist, Allied HealthBingo is a game that is familiar to everyone. A blog called Heather’s Speech Therapy has adapted the favorite game for helping the speech impaired to enunciate better.

The way bingo usually works is that an announcer calls out a letter/number combination. If the player has that combination on a playing board he or she placed a token on it. When a pattern is created, such as a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line, the player shouts out, ”bingo!”

Speech therapy bingo is a little different. Instead of letter/number combinations on the playing board, there are pictures and phrases to be spoken. The speech therapist will draw a card and say, “The jump rope goes over my head.” The patient, seeing which square it occupies on his or her playing board, speaks the phrase. Having done so to the speech therapist’s satisfaction, he or she placed a token on the board and they move on to the next phrase.

Speech therapy bingo is an example of a concept called gamification. In education this involves presenting learning as part of a game to be played. The student advances in the game by learning new things. In this way education is infused with enjoyment and engagement that otherwise would not be the case. When learning is presented as a game, it becomes less drudgery and more fun. Children learn what is being taught easier and retain the concepts better/

For speech therapy this is a very important matter. Speech therapy usually involves constant drilling as the speech impaired are taught by repetition how to enunciate words and sentences. Presenting sessions in the form of a game makes the process more effective.

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