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Social Worker Offers Home Schooling Tips to Parents

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 30, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Homeschooling, Social Work, Behavioral HealthDue to the current crisis around the globe, many schools across the world are closed, including those in the United States. In light of these widespread school closures, the responsibility of student learning has primarily fallen on parents, especially when it comes to the education of younger children.

One expert suggests that parents, particularly of elementary school children, should not be concerned with teaching new content. Parents' primary focus should be helping their children to maintain learning, so they do not lose what was gained.

Jennifer Noe, an elementary school social worker, provides helpful tips for parents who may not only be tasked with homeschooling their children, but also working from home themselves.

Make a schedule

It is recommended that parents keep their children's day as close to 'normal' as possible. Encourage your child to get up in the morning, get dressed, and get ready for the day. This will not only help your child by maintaining a sense of routine, but it will also help you as the parent to better plan your day.

Make daily reading a priority

Set a specified time each day that is dedicated to reading (independent reading, reading to your child, allowing your child to read to his stuffed animals).

Utilize apps for learning

There are tons of apps for writing, math, and all sorts of subjects you can access as learning tools for younger children.

Be mindful of physical and mental health

With increased time spent indoors, it can be easy to neglect health maintenance. Be sure your child is eating healthy and getting exercise. Multiple websites offer dance videos or games that can keep both you and your child moving. Also, keep the lines of communication open with your child. He may not understand what is going on with the current crisis but allow everyday situations to serve as teaching and talking moments.

Access resources

Check your school district's websites for posted resources. These could include tips related to activities to implement in the areas of art, music, and physical education. Also, check for listings of educational websites like Pebblego, Zearn, IXL,, and Getepic that focus on math, reading, and other activity-supported learning.

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