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Social Worker Goes Above and Beyond to Help Kids and Their Families

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Social Worker, Behavioral HealthWe all know some unsung hero in our life i.e., some person who may not have fame or fortune but who has done a great deal to help the people in their community. Every now and then, WGLT's "The Leadoff Podcast" brings you the story of one such person. One of them is Beth Beaty, a social worker at Grove Elementary School in Normal IL. Beth regularly goes above and beyond to help the kids at Grove Elementary as well as other people in the community.

Working Hard in a Helping Profession

Beth always wanted to be in a helping profession. "There are always options to any sort of problem we might face," she says. "People just need a non-judgmental ear sometimes to offer some support." Although Beth's words suggest that she doesn't do that much, Principal Sarah Edwards at Grove Elementary begs to differ. In her opinion, having Beth around is like having two people work in the same position because that's how hard she works to help the kids and their families.

Helping Families to Settle into the Community

Last year, Beth assisted a new family in the Grove school area to settle in. She helped the kids get beds and her own family helped with the move. Beth felt very strongly that she wanted to help the mother of those kids who was working, going to school and raising kids at the same time. One of the problems this mother faced was transportation. But Beth helped her figure this out with her contacts in the community.

Helping Kids Develop Emotional Intelligence

Principal Edwards says that their job is not merely educating their students in academic subjects. They also need to become socially and emotionally strong so that they can deal with the challenges of life. As a result, kids are learning more about the "toolbox" inside of them. This means they're learning about deep breathing, taking a walk or taking a break, all of which are important for emotional intelligence.

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