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Social Worker Adopts Foster Child Client

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Adoption, Social Work, Behavioral HealthAdoption social workers have hearts of gold! They aid children from the most difficult of circumstances, many of who tragically dealt with disability, loss, and abandonment at young ages. By working tirelessly to find forever homes for children whose parents can no longer care for them, they bring joy to children and families all over the world.

One particularly special social worker went above and beyond for one of her clients when she adopted him.

Connie Going, a veteran in this field who's facilitated over 2000 adoptions, worked with Taylor Diaz for 10 years. She first met Taylor when he was three years old, and adopted his three sisters and him into a loving family.

Unfortunately, Taylor's first adoption didn't work out, and he spent the next ten years going through various foster placements, groups homes, and a second adoption that also didn't work out. Heartbroken, Taylor asked Going if she could adopt him. After placing Taylor with a new counselor to avoid professional conflicts of interest, Going agreed to let him move into her home. Several months later, a judge finalized the adoption, causing all the witnesses to cry tears of joy.

Going isn't the only person in this field to adopt a child. Seeing the large number of babies and children who need homes, many of these individuals feel moved to choose adoption. Most social workers don't adopt their own clients like Going did, but pursue adoption through private agencies or going through their local foster care system. Their training and empathy makes them perfect fits for adopting babies and children of all kinds.



Inspired by the compassionate work social workers do in their personal and professional lives? Contact us to learn more about a career as a social worker who brings children and families together.


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