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Self-Improvement: Overcoming the Lies We Tell Ourselves

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 3, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Self-ImprovementAnxiety and depression are rampant in our world, and while many cases are due to chemical imbalances or extreme circumstances, a fair share can be attributed to unfulfillment and the disappointment of unmet expectations. While the feelings that spring from the latter stimuli can seem overwhelming, there is good news. Much of the unfulfillment and disappointment in our lives can be mitigated by simply being honest with ourselves.

American author and entrepreneur, James Clear, suggests that the lies we tell ourself limit our self-awareness and hinder our growth potential.

These lies are usually vague statements that help us feel as if we are moving toward a goal when we really haven't taken any meaningful, measurable steps forward.

Examples include:

  1. I'm doing the best that I can.
  2. I'm much better than I used to be.
  3. I could do worse.

These statements are great temporary encouragements, but they don't actually help us progress toward a goal. There is no progression without a valid reference point. Our reference point should always be an honest evaluation of where we are in relation to the goal we are trying to reach. If a woman has a goal to be a doctor, the first step in reaching that goal is to accurately access her current academic, financial, and personal discipline levels and establish realistic steps she could take from her current position to reach her ultimate goal.

Useful tools to help us overcome the lies we tell ourselves, become more self-aware, and reach our personal and professional goals include journals, planners, and budgets. Journals help us document our ideas, thoughts, and emotions. This helps clear our minds so that we can function effectively on the path we choose. Planners help us organize and prioritize our activities so that we are disciplined and efficient. Budgets hold us accountable for having the necessary resources to reach our end goal.

An honest reference point combined with these tools and the support of others will help you achieve the success you're looking for in every area of your life. For more information on self-awareness and success, visit the Self-Improvement section of our blog or contact us today.


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